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Brazilian buttock lift surgery in Miami

The Brazilian Butt Lift has become one of the most common cosmetic procedures in plastic surgery throughout American society. It involves sculpting your buttocks to enhance the size and shape, using your body fat. It’s an amazing procedure since you can have excess fat extracted from unwanted areas and remain slim. For most people, they get rid of love handles and stomach fat to have a small waist. This gives a perfect hourglass figure, with all the perfect curves. The fat transfer to the buttocks is done through a process called liposuctionBBL is a perfect way for you to reduce any excess fat in unwanted areas and have it put in other areas to enhance your figure.

 If you’re thinking of having the procedure done, you should have enough knowledge in advance. This will help you know what you want and you’ll even get better results. This article will give you a checklist to take you through what you’ll need to know. 

Can it work on saggy buttocks?

Your buttocks can end up saggy due to different reasons especially aging. BBL is a great solution for this, it will enhance the shape of the saggy buttocks. It will lift them and make them look rounder. 

How do you know if you’re eligible?

 The first thing you’ll need to do is to consult a qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon. Preferably one that specializes in Brazilian butt lift. In order to qualify to get the procedure done, you have to be in perfect health. If you have health conditions such as neurological disorders, lung problems or heart complications, then you might not be eligible. If you have the following characteristics you’ll be a fit candidate: 

  • Your buttocks are saggy and they droop. This can be due to losing weight or aging.
  •  If your skin can’t contract and go back to normal after a liposuction procedure. This is due to lack of elasticity because you’ve grown old but your body weight is Just normal.
  •  After different attempts to lose weight, you still haven’t been successful and you’re overweight. This can be through normal means such as dieting and working out.
  • You aren’t overweight or underweight but you want to enhance your hips and butt, to make them more appealing to your liking.
  • If you dislike how your body looks and you want to change the shape and size of your buttocks or hips. 

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    Will your weight affect the procedure?

     You might be asking yourself whether you should gain extra weight or lose in order to get the procedure done. It’s advisable to gain a little more weight, more than your ideal body weight. However, according to professionals, it may vary from person to person. The most important thing to know is if you end up adding weight before having a BBL surgery done, you might need to maintain it. This will help sustain the results you got.



    What is the difference between BBL and butt implants?

     Most people don’t know the difference between the two. BBL is a fat grafting procedure. The main difference between it and butt implants is the percentage of fat present in your body. BBL is considered much safer since there aren’t a lot of complications related to it. Liposuction, the procedure used, takes fat from different parts of your body where it’s not needed, to enhance the shape of your buttocks and hips. It helps give them a natural, much rounder look. 

    What are the risks associated with BBL surgery?

     There is a very low risk associated with the procedure. Not a lot of people report any complications, considering it’s an extremely well-known procedure. The only known serious risks involved that only affect less than 1% of the people who have it done include fat or pulmonary embolism and anemia. If you’re considering it, it’s a safe procedure. You should, however, ensure you get it done by a qualified professional to ensure it’s done professionally, to avoid any unwanted complications. The incisions are small and barely noticeable.


    Will the results from BBL last long enough?

     The procedure involves fat grafting, which is not different from skin grafting. The results you get will last for a long time. Don’t expect the fat taken from other parts of your body to the desired area will disappear after some time. Normally, half of the fat that is transferred is always consumed by the body, and the other half that is injected will remain. That’s why most professional plastic surgeons will put in more fat in the desired areas.

    To-do list before BBL.

    •  Consult a certified BBL plastic surgeon who will take you through the planning of the procedure.
    • Maintain a healthy lifestyle before BBL surgery. Stay hydrated, maintain a healthy diet, quit smoking, and exercise often. This is important in keeping your body healthy and strong.
    • Try as much as you can to stay stress-free. There are many effective ways to do this such as meditation, yoga, breathing etc.
    • Ensure you get all the important things done before the procedure. If you have to meet deadlines, get them done before the surgery. 
    •  You should avoid some medications at least two weeks before BBL. If you’re a smoker you should stop too. The medications to avoid include diet pills, ibuprofen, aspirin, among others since they’re blood thinners. Your doctor will give you the full list of medications you should avoid.
    • You should ensure you file for your prescriptions at least a week before getting BBL done. These are prescriptions for the post-operative period.
    • Try and wear clothes that aren’t tight when you go to get the surgery done. Get clothes that are loose-fitting and will offer you comfort. 
    • If your surgeon doesn’t provide lymphatic massages, then schedule for them.
    • If your surgeon doesn’t provide labs, schedule for them too. 



    Things you should have.

    • Stool softener.
    • Neosporin.
    • Baby wipes.
    • A booty pillow.
    • Protein shakes and vitamins for post-op.
    • Compression, garment and stockings.
    • Slip-on shoes.
    • Female urinal (you won’t sit immediately after surgery).
    • Antibacterial soap for cleaning. 
    • Q-tips and alcohol pads.
    • Arnica tablets because they help with the swelling and bruising.
    • Medical tape and gauze pads.


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